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For Car Servicing and Diagnostics in Thornaby

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Regular vehicle servicing is essential for various reasons, with safety on the road being our top priority. Getting your oil changed regularly is critical, our mechanics will also check for any other problems that could become dangerous while you're on the road.


We all understand the importance of brake maintenance, especially because a lot of car accidents are caused by a failure to stop. Consider replacing your brake pads, as they naturally wear out with use and are a cost-effective way to enhance safety.


When it comes to how well your engine performs, the exhaust system in your car is one of the most important factors. We take pride in offering top-quality exhaust repair services at the most competitive rates, ensuring your vehicle runs at its best.


If you're considering replacing your worn-out tyres, visit our shop, where our experienced team of mechanics can quickly replace them for you.


If you need to repair your air conditioning system, our services ensure fast and efficient air conditioner repairs along with friendly customer service and fair prices.


Reliable car diagnostics can provide useful information into the duration and frequency of any issues with your vehicle. They also differentiate between random incidents and critical issues that require immediate attention.


Should your engine fail on the road, leaving you stranded, we're here to offer quick rescue and get you back on the road in no time!


We'll assess whether your vehicle meets the legal requirements for public road use, ensuring safety and compliance with environmental and exhaust emission standards.


If your vehicle is close to needing a MOT and you want to be sure it will pass, then come visit our shop. Our team can thoroughly inspect your vehicle to ensure its MOT success.


As time passes, the buildup of sludge and carbon deposits is common, but our service effectively eliminates the majority of this. To prevent additional damage or restore your vehicle's proper function, get in touch with us today.


A replacement head gasket might not last long if the cylinder head isn't perfectly level or is deformed. Our services ensure that the cylinder head is properly handled to take care of your engine.


If the cylinder wall shows signs of wear and tear due to extensive use, reboring becomes essential. When you require a rebore, reach out to Erimus Engines for a reliable solution.


Balancing reduces the amount of wasted power within an engine. When loads are distributed evenly, fuel and energy consumption become more efficient, leading to increased engine power as a result.


Our mechanics are experts in engines and can diagnose and repair almost any issue you have, or our team can refer you to someone who can. We have a wide range of engine parts on site for fast repairs on your engine.


Within our shop, we offer a selection of reconditioned engines if you need to replace your engine quickly. This service is convenient for those who need their vehicle for work, busy families or anyone with a busy lifestyle.

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For car servicing and diagnostics in Thornaby, get in touch with us today. We welcome clients from all the surrounding areas of Teesside.

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